7 Hidden Secrets That Wives Never Confess To Their Husbands

Secrets A husband holds a special place in a woman’s life. He’s not only a life partner, but is also a friend, a confidant, a care taker or simply the father to their child. But despite all this, there are some hidden secrets which a wife never confesses to her husband. Read on to know more

  • You’ll never be closer to anyone else in your life than you are to your spouse, but that doesn’t mean you should tell him absolutely everything. There are some confessions that are best kept secret – for his sake, your sake and the sake of your marriage.
  • It’s important to be open with your significant other, but when you’re faced with deciding whether to tell your sweetheart your secrets, avoid letting these three slip.


1. The First Crush


He’s that handsome hunk who sweeps a girl off her feet for the very first time – the movie/TV star, a sportsperson or the high school senior who isn’t even aware of her existence. However far-fetched it may seem, but it’s the first crush in a girl’s life who sets a benchmark for the kind of life partner she desires thereafter. Romantic, hot-as-hell, chivalrous yet vulnerable, a woman expects her man to be straight out of a fairytale. Though women eventually accept their partners for what they are, they secretly wish their partner still had some of qualities of their first crush.

2. First Night Fantasies

While a woman may be happy being romantic with her partner before marriage, she’s secretly fantasizing about her first night with him. With movies like the Fifty Shades trilogy setting new standards of lovemaking, women these days need not look far for inspiration. They are no more shy of trying out something new or bold. She may continue to behave coy and hard-to-get until the D-Day though, and will never confess what she’s been fantasizing about all along!

3. Those Not-In-The-Mood Nights

Often wives whine about lack of adventurous love-life or romance, and just when their husbands think they had it all figured, she’s suddenly ‘not up to it’. She may attribute it to general tiredness, and even fake some sleep. While husbands may jump to vague conclusions about this sudden change, chances are that the ‘actual’ reason may be something as simple as bad breath or body odor, which a wife never confesses so as not to hurt his fragile ego. She may, however, drop subtle hints later like, ‘Honey, when was the last time you had a haircut’? or gifts him an expensive perfume!

4. Being In Touch With An Old Flame

In their quest to find the “right one”, women and men generally get into relationships that may or may not work in the end. While it’s easier for the husband to confide it to his wife, sometimes intimate details included, it is the unpredictable nature of male reaction that prevents women from confiding about theirs. More so, if that old flame happens to be a common friend or still happens to be in touch with her.

5. Some Harmless Flirting

Quite often flirting is attributed to men, irrespective of their marital status. However, this doesn’t mean that women do not enjoy some harmless flirting themselves; sometimes just to liven up the drudgery of their routine lives. From simple compliments about her looks to some tea time with the office cutie, all these can cheer her up in unimaginable ways, yet something she will never divulge to her spouse.

6. What Happens In A Girl-Gang, Stays In A Girl-Gang!


Women are most at ease when in the company of their soul sisters. This also means that they can afford let themselves go and become a little adventurous. From dancing at a pub with a random hunk to enjoying a striptease at the bachelorette party of one their gang members, women will do it all with a healthy dose of caution. While such night-outs may go a long way in strengthening their girl-gang bond, it’s a strict no-no when it comes to sharing those wild details with their husbands.

7. Fantasizing About That Mysterious Man

He may be the one who often bumps into her in the most unexpected places with uncanny regularity; the one who smiles at her every time they enter the office elevator; the one who’ll eagerly help load stuff at the supermarket billing counter; or simply the guy living next door who walks his dog past her house. He may not ever have a conversation with her but this wouldn’t stop her from fantasizing about him occasionally. The once-in-a-while thought of which brings a smile to her face!

If reading about this reminds you of someone, make sure you keep it a secret!

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