7 Natural Ways For Fast Long Hair 2017

Natural ways For long hair to feel like our hair really long in length? If so, maybe we should try to do some good habits that can support the growth of the hair so much faster.


Natural Ways For Long Hair Tips

01: Reduce Binding Or Curl Hair

Too often bind tightly or arrange hair with buns or undo models, can make hair become stressed. As a result so fragile and easily damaged. Nutrients from the roots of baseball can be channeled properly in the section after the bonding, especially the ends of the hair.

02: Eat Foods That Nourish The Hair

There are certain foods that do contain nutrients that are good for hair grow fast support. Among them: green vegetables, shrimp, beef, soybeans, citrus fruits similar, cow’s milk, fish and bean sprouts.

03: Use Satin Pillowcase

Pillowcases made from satin fabric would be better for keeping our hair that baseball is easily tangled and dry during the rubbed-string while sleeping. Hair growth will be better. If difficult to get a satin pillowcase, we can coat with satin pillows when we want to sleep.

04: Do Not Be Too Often Exposed To Heat Tool

It’s no secret that the song is issued hairdressers tools like a hair dryer or heat can damage the hair catkin. Because it can make the hair dry, rough and cracked permanently. Automatic hair growth was disrupted. If you must wear them, shaken use protective spray or cream hair before doing so.

05:Trim Regularly

Cutting sections of hair ends alias download its trim regularly can actually make hair long fast. Because the ends are dry or dead hair is removed so that hair can grow faster. Perform two or three months can

06: Treat with Either

Treat well or fine hair can keep hair healthy so it grows better. Do not men sir with coarse hair. Select the right comb and do it slowly. Do not open any ties with rough or rub the hair too hard with a towel when finished shampooing.

07: Protect Hair

When should move under the scorching sun in a long time, use a cap or scarf to cover the hair. If your hair is dry, use hair vitamins on a regular basis every day or does a hair mask and cream bath regularly in the home or salon.

Source: http://www.fasttw.com