Must Read: How to Last Longer in Bed without any Drug involved– You will thank me Later

Couple Relaxing In Bed Wearing Pajamas Lying Down Laughing

S3xual interc0urse generates the most stimulation compared with other se3xual activity and brings men to org@sm the fastest. Unfortunately, women receive only a small amount of cl!toral stimulation by interc0urse, so they typically desire fast and deep thrusting. This is often too much, too fast for most men. A rapid increase in pen!le stimulation from interc0,urse will bring most men to org@sm in just a few minutes.  Fortunately for you, we have six techniques that all men can easily do that can help you slow down.

Couple Relaxing In Bed Wearing Pajamas Lying Down Laughing

Just about every man, regardless of size, race, relationship status, or even frequency of se3x, wants to last longer in bed. Longer-lasting s3ex typically results in more org@sms and generally more se3xual satisfaction for both partners. So how do you do it?

1. M@sturbate.  M@sturbate the same day you plan to have s3ex. Have you ever had s3x within minutes or hours after having completing s3x that same day?  You have probably noticed how much longer it takes to reach org@sm the second time. M@sturbating has a similar effect. After ejacul@tion, your body needs time to recover. This is called the refractory period. But this extends beyond achieving an erecti,on and simply being able to have s3x again. This recovery time also lengthens a man’s time to ejacul@tion.

2. More foreplay. A slow build-up of stimulation will allow you to last longer. And that starts with foreplay. By starting with various forms of foreplay, your allowing your pen!s to adapt to a slow increase in stimulation, so when it’s time for intercourse, your pen!s is going from 45 to 60, not from zero to 60.

3. Start / Stop Method.  Most men know this one without having to read about.  You get close to having org@sm and you stop to recover. The mistake the most men make, however, is that they wait until they’re almost to ejacul@tion before stopping interc0urse. The problem is that the closer you are to org@sm when you stop, the smaller the amount of stimulation needed upon starting again to org@sm.  So, the key is to stop, then start in a planned way. You’ll probably find that, with each start/stop cycle, you’ll spend less time in the “stop” period and more time in the “start” period.

4. Squeeze Technique. From a pleasure point of view, this is our least favorite. However, it is very effective. And it’s exactly as the name implies. As you get closer to org@sm, have your partner squeeze your p,en!s along the shaft until your desire to ejaculate goes away.

5. S3x Positions. Certain positions can help men delay org@sm. Try positions that either reduce penetr@tion depth or apply more pressure on the top side of the pen!s. Full penetration maximizes stimulation while stimulation to the underside, especially the frenulum, typically drives men to ej@cul@tion faster than stimulation. Some basic positions to help a man last longer, without needing the flexibility of a gymnast, include: woman on top, spooning (lying side by side), perpendicular (pressing the top side of the pen!s against the vulva), and modified d0ggy style (where she is lying on her belly instead of on her knees).

6. Last-Longer Spray. Desensitizing sprays have proven to be effective and with minimal side effects. Look for high quality products that have an absorption formula that enable the user to maintain great sensation while mostly eliminating transference to his partner. Any spray can numb you. Our product, Promescent, provides gentle, targeted desensitizing, giving you great control with minimal loss of sexual feeling.

Use several of our favorite techniques and you’ll learn how to last longer in bed like millions of men around the world.