Olive Oil Nutrition, Uses on Skin, Hair & Health Benefits

The Olive Oil
Olive oil has been very popular in the kitchen for years and is often used as a substitute for other vegetable oils, as it is healthier and also has a special taste. Especially in the Mediterranean cuisine, olive oil is used much and America is not left out in the use of Olive oil for different health and kitchen purposes.

The olive oil is pressed from the pulp and also the seeds of olives. The colour can vary in different varieties of oil, from green to yellow and the color of the oil can be different here. Green olive oils have a higher chlorophyll content, whereas, more Ceratin are contained in the yellow oil. Besides cooking, olive oil can also be used as an alternative remedy.

Olives have been used as food for many millennia and olive oil has already been used in food and as a cure in antiquity. Although olive oil was certainly produced and used long ago, the earliest written in traditions dated since 2300 B.C. The writings about this oil is in the Codex of the Hammurabi and in other Egyptian papyri.

Olive oil, however, is also mentioned in Egypt around the time when Ramses II ruled, because he was said to have taken olive oil as a remedy. Not only was the olive oil used orally but also externally. It was used for body care, also for ointments, pastes and the like further processed.

These were used in wounds, fire injuries and itching. In this Western world, olive oil was not used for internal use for a long time but for the treatment of pain in the joints and for headaches and it was only applied on the external body. This has changed of course today because olive oil is one of the healthiest oils ever.

Olive oil is now used for frying and cooking and has also been touted as a natural remedy. The oil is versatile and you can find some good tips and hints on this platform. It is important that you pay attention to good quality while buying the olive oil. The quality is due to the way the oil is produced and sometimes, how it’s also stored.

Olive trees has approximately 20-30 kg of olives each year and about 5 kg of olives are necessary to produce a litre of oil. Traditionally, the olives were picked by hand and the oil production is done by hand. Still, there are manufacturers who manufacture their olive oil according to the old method even though things have changed nowadays, in the age of machines, this is becoming more advanced and more mechanized.

The olives are basically plucked, washed, crushed and pressed. The olives are pressed with a large millstone. Here, a liquid is pressed out which still consists of water and oil. This can be allowed to settle until the water and the oil are separated.

Effects of Olive Oil
The curative effects of the olive oil lie in the approximately 1000 active ingredients that can be found in the oil. The exact ingredients are always a topic in various studies. It is interesting that the olive oil is mainly made of unsaturated oleic acids. Only around eight percent are unsaturated fatty acids and 16% saturated fatty acids. The oleic acid is the decisive factor, because it has very special effects, for example on blood.

The structure of the cell is positively influenced by the oil acid and that is why it is recommended for the preparation of food for small children. Pregnant women should also prefer olive oil to other oils. In this way, oleic acid can also be passed on to the baby in breast milk.

Scientific studies have shown that olive oil can be very effective, especially with elevated cholesterol levels. In the kitchen, you can replace other vegetable oils with olive oil and use them in your daily diet. You can also explain that, despite a fatty diet, the Mediterranean peoples have a much lower heart attack rate than, for example, US, Germany and Canada.

Cholesterol levels in these southern countries are also much lower than those in northern Europe. The bad cholesterol (LDL cholesterol) is lowered by the use of olive oil and good cholesterol (HDL cholesterol) is increased. This is very effective for the avoidance of deposits in the vessels.

Another positive effect of the olive oil on your health is the healing of gastric and intestinal problems. If you have stomach ulcers, you can cure them by taking olive oil on a regular basis. Digestion is also improved by ingestion and with a spoon of precious olive oil per day, while you can easily prevent constipation. In this way, hemorrhoids can be prevented and even if hemorrhoids already exist, an improvement in the suffering can be felt here.

Olive oil is also known to have antioxidant effects on the human body and to combat free radicals in the system. In any case, olive oil is also an important ingredient in cancer prevention, as studies have shown that the regular consumption of olive oil can prevent and combat tumors.

People in Mediterranean countries are less likely to suffer from cancer than people in northern Europe, which is certainly also due to their much diet that often associated with olive oil while preparing the meal in the kitchen.

The olive oil is also effective as an anti-aging agent as it can prevent skin wrinkles and smoothen small wrinkles on your face or any part of your body. People who have skin problems can rub themselves with olive oil; for example, in healing eczema. This is due to the high vitamin E content that is found in olive oil and therefore, the oil is also good for the hair.

The Olive Oil can counteract brittle and thin hair. To do this, you simply rub the olive oil into your hair and wash it out after the effect. Olive oil is one of the best natural remedies available today and should not be missing in your household.

The regular use of olive oil
A long time ago, olive oil was less used for cooking than for body care. In fact, you can still apply olive oil very well today because this oil is ideal for skin care. Olive oil is absorbed very well by the skin and moisturizes it. For example, if you have sensitive skin and cannot tolerate creams and lotions, you may want to try olive oil.

People suffering from eczema, neurodermatitis and the like will definitely find olive oil very helpful and beneficial as it’s well popular for preventing ageing of the skin, soothes the skin and smoothen your skin from wrinkles when you massage the olive oil regularly.

Olive oil is also very good for babies’ skin. Those who are afraid to apply the pure olive oil to the skin can of course also order toiletries that are enriched with olive oil here online. Here you can buy shampoos, lotions, creams and the like. If you wish, you can also make your own cosmetics with the olive oil and safeguard your health from cosmetics with nutrients that could react with your skin later.

Online, there are some good tips and hints on the preparations of natural cosmetics. A simple basic mixture that is very easy to make at home and is easy to mix 1 to 2 tablespoons of olive oil and a squeezed lemon. This liquid can be applied to the skin 2 times a week and the skin is tightened through this application. If you have problems with dry and split hair end, you can mix 2-4 tablespoons of olive oil with an egg and massage these measurements into the hair.

The egg-olive oil treatment should be left in your hair for at least 30 minutes before washing it out. Surely, olive oil can be applied both externally and internally. It is good if you regularly use olive oil in the kitchen for the preparation of various dishes. Olive oil can be used very well for frying and cooking. Also, your salads taste very good with this oil.

Online, there are recipes and instructions to guide you with the use of olive oil. Every cook that’s good and has something to do with the oil knows how to successfully put olive oil in the kitchen and here you can even find recipes from famous chefs. Therefore, you don’t have to be a chef to cook a tasty dish with this oil.

If you want, the olive oil can also be used as a remedy. The application here is very simple and is recommended to take one teaspoon of olive oil daily in order to take the advantage of the important nutrients, vitamins and minerals that are contained in olive oil. These ingredients have many health benefits and there are good reasons why olive oil should be taken regularly.

    Some of the reasons for the consumption of olive oil are:

  • High blood pressure is reduced
  • The blood glucose level is regulated
  • The cholesterol level is lowered
  • Prevents osteoporosis
  • Can be used for rheumatism pain
  • Protects against cancer cells
  • Stimulates digestion
  • Helps with stomach and bowel ailments
  • Healthy for the cardiovascular system

Olive oil is used in diverse ways and It is one of the best natural remedies which is also very easy to use. It can be applied internally and externally without any fear of side effects or reactions with other medications. Olive oil, for example, is also helpful in the fight against joint pain. To do this, simply massage the oil into the affected area on the skin. Also, wounds can even be treated with olive oil.

In recent decades, scientists have been studying the use of olive oil as a remedy and Interesting results were obtained. Surprisingly, the results were related to the use of olive oil and canker ulcers. It has been shown that, it is possible to prevent the formation of tumors through the regular use of olive oil.

For a long time research is not at the end and again, scientists find new aspects and areas of application for the precious olive oil.

Scientific studies
So far so good, there are many scientific studies that have dealt with the issue of olive oil and the health benefits of taking this nutritious oil. Despite everything, research is still ongoing and there are regular new studies published online. Many of these studies are particularly concerned with the effect of olive oil in the case of cancer and trust us here, our team will keep you posted whenever there’s update to these researches.

For example, a very interesting study from Greece which was conducted in 19 smaller studies, there are approximately 50,000 patients that were investigated. Data from the different countries were collated in this study and weighed against each other. The cancer patients had different types of cancer, such as breast cancer, prostate cancer and other cancers that are mentioned in the study.

It has been investigated whether the taking of olive oil makes a difference in cancer prevention and the prevention of tumors. It quickly became clear that a healthy diet and the taking of olive oil make a big difference and that you can actually reduce the risk of cancer with regular consumption of olive oil.

Not only can the formation of tumors can be prevented with the intake of olive oil but can also be combated.

Also, the treatises and publications in medical journals and the various authorities are also very interesting when one deals with the health benefits of olive oil. In the medical journal, you can find an article that deals exactly with this topic. The headline is “Mediterranean diet with olive oil protects against breast cancer”. This article also refers to a number of scientific studies. The article confirms that a healthy diet should be used to reduce the risk of cancer and use olive oil instead of other vegetable oil.

It is also pointed out that olive oil can not only prevent and combat cancer, but is also recommended for general health. The cardiovascular system is favorably influenced by the increased consumption of olive oil, compared to conventional vegetable oil. An article from the International Olive Council is in any case also very interesting in this regard.

The various health determinants are discussed and well-known studies are considered. Very interesting is the treatise on the advantage of olive oil for the cardiovascular system. It is confirmed here that the olive oil lowers the cholesterol level and ensures that the vessels do not grease. This reduces the risk of a heart attack and some other problems.

If you are interested in the scientific studies on olive oil, you should also read what the Institute for Atherosclerosis Research writes at the Westphalian Wilhelms University in Münster. The influence of a healthy diet with olive oil on heart health is also addressed there. Interestingly, the patient with hypertension in a change of diet and the replacement of conventional vegetable oils with olive oil can notice a big difference.

In doing so, vegetarians and people who prefer a Mediterranean diet with olive oil have better blood values and fewer problems with hypertension and heart disease. This is definitely a good reason to give olive oil coupled with a healthy diet a chance.
There are many more studies supporting this claim online. The experience of consumers should also be taken into account as these can help you to better understand what health benefits olive oil actually has.

Tips for dealing with olive oil
Olive oil production
Although a lot of machines are already being made today, there is still a lot of manual work left to produce a good olive oil. The ripening period of the olives must be carefully adapted to obtain a very high-quality oil. Then the olives should not fall on the floor but should be harvested from the tree. Certainly, this is not difficult, because the trees are not very high but an olive does not weigh much and at about 30 kg for harvesting, you are already very long at work.

Thus, it is perhaps also understandable that a good olive oil has its price and you’re much compensated with the irresistible taste and health values. You can try it with bread to know how good a fresh white bread tastes with a little olive oil.

Olive oil and health
Are you with the wrong notion that you can only use the oil in the kitchen, it’s more beneficial than that as it has many effects also in the health sector. This includes the fact that it can have a lot of positive effects especially in the stomach and tract. You don’t have to use a lot of oil a day but a teaspoon for the day is perfectly sufficient for healing to take effects.

Achieving Beautiful skin through olive oil
Skin problems are known to many, including itching and eczema. With olive oil, the skin can be soothed again. You don’t have to do much, just apply the oil and it gives the skin the extracted moisture and thus quickly relieves the skin.

A proven home remedy is that you make warm envelopes, whereby the oil is heated in such a way that it can only be handled with care, so that the skin is rubbed in and wrapped with foil, and still have towels and the whole effect for about 30 minutes. The skin is then very soft and no longer dry.

The effect of olive oil
Olive oil has shown itself in many, then not only the skin benefits from it but also the whole body, Be it the stomach and tract or also the prevention against breast cancer. Olive oil has a very positive effect on many things and it is always worthwhile to have the oil in the house. It is also applied to open wounds and can contribute to a quicker healing.

Getting Shiny hair through olive oil
Especially women that have many problems with their hair, whether they are too dry or they are splitting, you can give credits to olive oil when it’s quickly remedied by a good conditioner, preferably with egg. By the way, even scaly hair can be improved because often the scalp is too dry. Here, the massage of warm olive oil and leaving it overnight gives the best reaction time for full effects. Afterwards, wash it out very well.

Application and dosage of olive oil
As already explained here, olive oil can be applied in many areas. The manufacturers of the cosmetics industry have already noticed this, because there are, in the meantime, many products which are enriched with olive oil. You don’t just have to make your own cures and creams but you can also buy finished and effective products.

For Oral intake, it’s actually enough to take about 1 teaspoon/day and externally, here you apply it as you need it. At least until the problem is solved and then of course you can continue to treat it so that there is no irritation. The advantage is that, it does not bring any side effects.

Buying Good olive oil
You should always pay attention to one thing, that’s quality when buying olive oil. Certainly, you can get it cheaput but how sure are you that it’s from a good source or it may also be that it is produced with other oils. Therefore, no matter where you buy it, it is worthwhile to compare the different brands and suppliers in the shop or even on the internet.

The cheapest does not have to be the worst, but can have a slightly inferior oil than an expensive one.

Conclusion on olive oil
Olive oil is a very healthy oil which should not be missing in any kitchen. Thousands of years ago, this oil was used for cooking. Although it was not much used in America several decades ago, it could still be found in Mediterranean countries. In recent decades, scientists in the country have also been aware of the health benefits of the consumption and use of olive oil. Therefore it is now increasingly used here for cooking and for remedies.

Outside the kitchen, the olive oil is a true miracle cure. Olive oil can be used very well as an alternative remedy. Most especially recommended is the external use against wrinkles and skin diseases.

A small amount of olive oil is directly massaged into the skin. There are of course also some cosmetic products that are enriched with olive oil, which can be ordered online here. Who wants to, but can also order the pure olive oil and produce his own cosmetics.

Of course, the dual application is advisable taking it as food into your stomach and also applying it in on your skin. Thus, one can prevent the ageing process, strengthen the immune system and prevent the various diseases.

Therefore, olive oil is a very valuable product that should be used regularly. With the application, you can strengthen the cardiovascular system and avoid heart attacks. It is also possible to avoid the formation of cancer tumors and also to combat them.

Anyone who wants to buy olive oil can of course get it in the various shops or online merchant stores with your credit card. However, ordering online is much easier as this way, you can make sure that you buy a high-quality product. It is possible to check the vendor and manufacturer prior to purchase. Unfortunately, over the last few years, there have been suppliers who have offered low-quality goods and referred to something as olive oil but this was enriched with other vegetable oils.

It is also important that the olive oil comes from organic farming and therefore the olives have not been treated with pesticides. Also, the oil should not contain fillers, dyes or other chemical substances.

The olive oil lasts a few months when it is stored correctly. Those who only use small amounts of oil for cooking should only buy a small bottle of olive oil so that it does not lose its taste. The best is of course a fresh olive oil. This oil is particularly suitable for salads, as it has a pleasant taste. But also for hot dishes, olive oil is very suitable.

If you do not cook much, one or two teaspoon of olive oil is enough for cooking. Large quantities are not necessary for strengthening the immune system and for combating diseases. One teaspoon of olive oil per day is quite sufficient to draw the best benefit from the valuable ingredients of this natural product.