Top (10) Shocking Facts That You Never Knew About Ladies V@gina (Adults Only )

Just because you have a v@gina does not mean you know all there is to know about it. These fun facts by “beautify health” could be a pretty illuminating way to understand your lady bits a little better.
1. What you eat affects how your v@gina tastes. So, if you are looking forward to some 0ral loving, do stay away from garlic.
2. The word ‘v@gina’ in Latin is loosely translated as ‘sword holder.’ Guess that makes the p3nis a sword?
3. Highest number of org@sm ever achieved by a woman in an hour was 134. Jealous?
4. A rare condition called p3nis c@ptivus causes muscles in the v@’gina to clamp down so strongly on the penis that it is impossible to withdraw. Hmm.. is ‘penis captivus’ the scientific name for what Kenyans call “Kukwama”
5. A vagina averages 3-4 inches and can expand by 200 percent when aroused. Good to know.
6. A v@”gina is a self-cleaning mechanism. Guess this means you can leave it unwashed.
7. v@”gina is teeming with bacteria, some of which can be found in yoghurt. Did we just ruin your love for yoghurt?

8. The cl1toris contains 8000 nerve endings, while the penis contains 4000. Guess the ladies get double the pleasure, literally.
9. The vagina is so elastic that a 10-pound baby can come through it and it can still return to its previous size. Did someone say, superhuman?
10. The inner walls are pleated and open like an umbrella during int3r’c0urse. Yep, probably because someone is about to make it rain.