You got Brittle Hair? Seasonal Hair Loss … Here is How to fix it?

Autumn, hair loss is a problem that we are likely to encounter. Here’s how to finish with brittle hair

The fall is great. The landscape, the colours, the clothes, the food … there are plenty of opportunities to marvel and Kiffer the season. But autumn is also less cool stuff – cuckoo colds, skin that feels tight, the dull complexion and all the fuss. Also, we are likely to suffer the blow-cons of seasonal change on the capillary level, with a brittle fibre and hair falling. RIP our mermaid hair, thinning in the summer sun.

Fortunately, hair loss is temporary in most cases for women (sorry guys) and there is, therefore, some tips to remedy the problem. If you are frightened by discovering your full brush hair died the next morning of frizz to her heart’s content or that you will end up more clog your shower with whole tufts of hair, learn what you can start do to avoid it.

Say Goodbye To Hair Loss

Falling hair, hair that break … Identify the problem

Losing hair fall, nothing wrong with that: the change of season can cause some small hormonal changes, which the hair is particularly sensitive. The stress can also have her share of responsibility in hair loss; a result that there is usually two or three months after an emotional shock for example.

In both cases, the hair falls with its bulb.
But when it falls without the bulb is that it is probably a broken hair: a fragile hair, subjected to the routine may be too aggressive (brushing, (UN) colorations …) or a lack of maintenance. Two cases very different, so that must be identified in order to choose the appropriate treatment.

Limit aggravating factors

Your hair dryer, flat iron or curling iron you made perhaps the eye, but he will have to think to forget if you lose your hair. Come on, no hard feelings? If you hold the hair you have left on the stone, limit the use of devices that heckle the hair and the damage, they will only wear better.

If you really have no choice (because, well, we understand that you do not want to leave you with the head wet from -5 ° C), turn your devices on the minimum thermostat, or tourney- you to the new hairdryer Supersonic Dyson, sweeter with the fibre. Also, space as much as possible appointments and color décolo haircut: you may be the gun air out of the room, but will not make service to your already damaged hair.

Strengthen the hair fibre

  • Outside

Since brittle hair is the answer to the poor treatment meted out, it’s time to be really friendly with them. Mild shampoo (again without sulphates, phthalate free, paraben and silicone), moisturising mask, detangling and nourishing oil … do not hesitate to take extreme measures to pamper the hair fibre weakened to restore its strength.

Always think of natural remedies, among which you will find virtues in 1001 to strengthen hair (castor oil, essential oil of ginger or keratin unearthed at Aroma-Zone particular). And do not be impatient: Find healthy hair is not done in a few weeks!

  • Inside

A little helps never hurt anyone! If we sometimes use food supplements to boost the growth of our hair, small capsules sold (para) pharmacies or supermarkets also work wonders on the overall health of the fibre. With all the nutrients that food supplements have, they contribute not only to strengthen the hair but also to reduce their fall. What convinced us to start a small spa early in the fall, to counter the evils of the season?

The hair that falls, it takes the lead, but it is often a trivial hazard among women. If can not stand the sight of the hair that you lose by handles, so you know what you have to do: so stop the traumatised and dedicate them some attention)